Crafted to inspire, built to share…

It’s all about CONNECTION.

  • I’m fuelled by curiosity, passion and pushing limits;
  • driven by competitiveness and a need for continuous momentum;
  • fulfilled by connection, contribution and making things happen.
I’m a creative and strategic person who’s on a mission to connect people through digital experiences.

Street Cred

  • I managed the Canadian Olympic Team’s digital fan experience in the lead up to and during Sochi 2014.  During this time (compared to London 2012) we saw exponential growth within our channels, reach, engagement and registrations.  See my portfolio for examples of my work.
  • I continue to lead the Canadian Olympic Team digital fan experience  24/7/365 through social media programs, digital innovation projects, content and partner digital and social initiatives.  I’ve also done this for BMO, OREA and lululemon athletica.  LinkedIn will tell you the full story.
  • I pocketed my degree from the University of Toronto specializing in Visual Culture and Communications through the Communication, Culture and Information Technology program.
  • With my eye on the prize I also grabbed a certificate in Digital Communications from Sheridan College.

Why work in Sport?

My passion for sport runs deep. Before my world revolved around connection, I was primarily a figure skater. I had the privilege of being on Canada’s National Team for eight years. In that time I became a four-time national champion and world bronze medallist in Synchronized Skating. Yes, I have a medal that says I’m third in the world at something yet my competitiveness still dreams (wishes?) it was gold. These days, I hit the ice rink, play beach volleyball and spend my summers at the ballpark as an uber-passionate Blue Jays fan.  Beer and cracker-jacks, anyone?

You can’t be all work and no play…

A few things that you might not (need to) know about me:

  • Sleeping is my favourite pastime.  When I get lots of it, I flash my pearly whites all the time.  Who am I kidding, I suppose I smile a lot either way.
  • I sporadically belt out tunes at the least opportunistic times. Yes, it happened in a boardroom once.  No, I can’t sing well.
  • I’m the paparazzi of my friend group making instagram my favourite channel.
  • No, the type of music I listen to is not all “my dog died, I got divorced and slammed by finger in the truck door,” but yes, I love country.
  • I’m working on becoming a citizen of the world.  But really, I’m Canadian, American and am soon-to-have an EU passport.  Triple citizenship, baby!  No, I’m not a spy.  I was born in Canada but my ‘rents hail from Greece and the good ‘ol USA.
  • Travelling tugs at my heart strings.  My first love was Prague, then Venice, then Iceland and so-on-and-so-forth.
  • I love life, coffee and am a huge fan of colour (we spell it with a ‘u’ in Canada).